Saturday, February 7, 2009

Happy birthday

Well, Sam had his not so surprise bday party tonight. He had a really great time though. I cant believe he is 30! That means that is what I am heading for in AUGUST! I am thinking 30 will not bother me. It is 31 that will kick me to the ground, stomp on me and leave me crying. Why do you ask. Well, you get to have a fun party at 30 (that everyone makes a big deal of) because you have hit the next huge milestone of birthdays. When you turn 31 it sinks in that whoa buddy, you are getting on up there. Plus the NEXT big one the you have will be 40! It seems like no one cares about 31 through 39. I say we should have a blowout party every year until 40! Enough of my rant. I havent even hit 30 yet. I am thinking I may take it harder now after this post! HA! Love you Sam and I am glad to have spent the last 10 birthdays with you!

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