Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Next year

Hello! It has been a while. SOrry I have fallen of the blogging wagon. It has been crazy around here. I have been making stuff like crazy and trying to put my house back together. In all of that Sam and I have been doing some serrious thinking and praying about my work situation next year.
I am the type that loves being a stay at home mom. I take great pride in raising my child and keeping him close to me. I went back to work last year just to help a little with the bills. I have felt really guilty and like I wasnt taking care of my family like I should be. Jake went to Trinity with me and started the preschool program. He will be entering KINDERGARTEN next year! Sam and I have really been praying about this for a long time. We feel that I need to be home and will be homeschooling Jake next year!
I am really excited/scared all at the same time. I have my degree in education so it isnt the teaching part. There is just so much stuff/programs to choose from. Jake is really excited. He was very mad this morning that we had to go to school. He has said that he hates doing the papaer work at school. He is a smart cookie already. He is in his top reading group at school and is only 4 years old.
I will be a work at home mom this time. I feel this will help me get more done with my business. I will start making clothes along with the diaper cakes and monogramming. I will be one busy momma! At least my house wont look like a wreck!

Saturday, January 17, 2009

Pray for Harper

I can't ask/plead with you enough to pray for this little girl. I understand what all Kelly went through when they were trying and the joy that she felt when she found out she was having Harper. Sam and I went through the same thing except for the ending. Jake was born healthy and screaming. Haper was not. She is still in critical condition, but rapidly improving. I have prayed for her countless times last night and today. Please take the time to say a prayer for the whole family. Our God is powerful and a wonderful healer.

Monday, January 12, 2009

Big news

I am so EXCITED! Peri and I will have a booth at Graham Crackers in Wake Village! She is going to have some clothing and socks and burp cloths. I will have clothing and burp cloths that are monogrammed. I am hoping to get my diaper cakes in there in the next couple of months. I am so excited. I am hoping that this is one step to many more childrens boutiques! Come and see us. We should be there by this weekend!

Saturday, January 3, 2009

First monogram

I finished a diaper cake for a customer and decided to try out the monogramming on the ribbon. Man, ribbon is tricky but I got it after the 3rd practice run. REMEMBER this is one of the first attempts.

The electricity went out momma

Hello all. We have had a wonderful break! I am getting really sad that the end is almost here. We went out to dinner tonight and had a wonderful time. Jake got an MP3 player for Christmas and has taken it everywhere. I dont let him take it out of the car because we all know what will happen at that point. I doubt I have to share the story of the lost monster truck in wal mart. On the way home he is in the back just humming along then we hear a GASP.


Just thought I would share. Not a deep moving blog, but toddler blog. Now I am off to replace the battery in the 3PM player. I hate to correct the 3PM because it is so funny to watch others figure out what the heck he is talking about!