Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Furry baby

We have a new furry baby! Jake has wanted a new puppy for a while now. We just kept putting it off. Our dog now (lab/dalmatian mix) is 8 yrs old. I knew the window for getting a new, hyper, puppy was coming to an end and fast.
While on Facebook one night, I found a girl that was giving away husky mix puppies. I absolutely love huskies! I called hubby over and he was kinda receptive.I had to pull a little begging out before he was sold on the idea. i showed Jake a pic of the pup the next morning and he couldn't wait to go and get her.
Buffy is 8 weeks old and a ball of energy! She has been with us now for 2 weeks and it has been non stop. Oh. my. word. I forgot how having a puppy is so much like having a newborn. i didn't sleep much the first week! It is better now. She only gets up once or twice a night. She loves to bite toes. I have found 1 million of Jakes socks under the couch or dinning room table. She has also chewed through 2 different phone cords. Anyway, here is our new furry baby! Meet Buffy Bennett :P

She is also funny when she sleeps. She likes to wedge herself under the couch or between something. I hate to break her heart, but she isnt going to fit under the couch much longer. She has already grown a lot!

Sunday, July 17, 2011


Ok. I have the etsy shop open. But, I only have one thing in there and it isn't even a good picture! HA! I am sure no one will even bother with it. Oh well, I will get better.
We have been SUPER busy and that is the reason I am so behind on post (and the shop)Our church has VBS in 2 weeks and I am in charge of it. I love doing it but it takes SO much of my time right now. I feel like I dream of pandas and the other characters all of the time. I had globs of black pain in my hair last night from finishing the last panda! Whew, I will be glad when the next 2 weeks are over.

**side note** I really dont know what God has going on for me right now. I am the children's director at our church, home school Jake, and have this really awesome business that has really taken off. All of this on top of trying to take care of my family and home. I feel something has to give but I just don't know what. Pray that God will show me the direction He is taking me. I think I know, but it is such a huge decision.

I am in full bday planning mode for Jake. He will be 7 in September. Wow, I cant get over that he is almost 7. He has decided he wants a Ninja bday. I have been looking for cute ideas and found some on several different blogs. I am going to have a sweet blog friend, Sarah, make his invites. She is such a good party planner. I LOVED her sons first birthday!
Well, I am going to go and finish up on a little girls bday outfit. I am shipping it to New York. She found me on facebook! I think that is the farthest I have shipped something!

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Cupcake Kids Designs is now on Facebook!

I have finally set up my page on facebook! There will be lots more pics to upload in the next few day. I have about 5 more orders (including a diaper cake) to finish up on. Whew! I am so excited about this adventure. God is truly working out everything. Come and find me and be my friend :P See y'all soon!


Friday, May 13, 2011

It's been a while

Well, yet again, I post that title. I really have had a slump. I had gotten really busy with sewing and now not so much. I have got to get some things sewn up to have on hand and set up an etsy store. We have a very busy day tomorrow so I doubt I will be able to get much done.
Keep praying for my family. Things are changing and some are stressful. I know that God is bigger than anything put before us and that we will be fine. I also know that if feels so much easier to know people are praying for you!

Saturday, February 26, 2011

SUYL! What do you make

I deiced to link up to Kelly's Korner SUYL this week! I am starting out so I dont have nearly the selection of others. Most of my business is custom shirts. I love to applique and embroider, and am learning how to sew! Let me know what you think. Here are some recent things I have done. You can always contact me by email if you are interested in anything!

Saturday, February 5, 2011

Here is one of Jake's shirts I did him for Valentine's Day!! I am going to work on some more boy stuff today as well. Yeah, I am behind on boy stuff. I have just now gotten some people interested. I have done tons of girly things though!

Friday, January 28, 2011

Some Valentine outfits/pillow case dresses

The skirt and shirt set are $28 Pillowcase dresses are $18.I just ordered some CUTE fabric from Etsy for the spring! I will be buying more this weekend! Pics to come of the new fabric soon!

Birthday shirts

Birthday shirts are now available. These are two that I have done recently. I can do them to match the party theme or what ever the birthday kiddo likes! I have done them several ways. Shirts start at $18.


I have been super busy lately! I am loving it. Remember, I am still new at this and sometimes it kinda shows! I pray that I keep getting better! I am having lots of fun learning along the way.


Monday, January 10, 2011

Our first snow of the season!!

We dont get much around here in Texas so it is kind of a big deal!! We ended up with almost 6 inches here at my house! Needless to say Jake was thrilled. Here are a few pics while I have a chance. I will post more later tonight or tomorrow!