Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Furry baby

We have a new furry baby! Jake has wanted a new puppy for a while now. We just kept putting it off. Our dog now (lab/dalmatian mix) is 8 yrs old. I knew the window for getting a new, hyper, puppy was coming to an end and fast.
While on Facebook one night, I found a girl that was giving away husky mix puppies. I absolutely love huskies! I called hubby over and he was kinda receptive.I had to pull a little begging out before he was sold on the idea. i showed Jake a pic of the pup the next morning and he couldn't wait to go and get her.
Buffy is 8 weeks old and a ball of energy! She has been with us now for 2 weeks and it has been non stop. Oh. my. word. I forgot how having a puppy is so much like having a newborn. i didn't sleep much the first week! It is better now. She only gets up once or twice a night. She loves to bite toes. I have found 1 million of Jakes socks under the couch or dinning room table. She has also chewed through 2 different phone cords. Anyway, here is our new furry baby! Meet Buffy Bennett :P

She is also funny when she sleeps. She likes to wedge herself under the couch or between something. I hate to break her heart, but she isnt going to fit under the couch much longer. She has already grown a lot!

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sarah @ life {sweet} life said...

Aww, what a cutie! Love the pic of him & Jake. :)