Wednesday, April 15, 2009


Well, I have been somewhat busy lately. I have had several orders for diaper cakes and monogramming that I have had to get out. I was asked to donate a diaper cake for the domestic violence prevention silent auction! Ashley saw my ad in ALT magazine. I am so excited about that one.I was busy during Easter with the monogramming! Lots of pretty Easter outfits came through.

My dear friend found out they are having a baby. She is really early and hasn't been to the doctor yet. I am so excited for her. They have been trying for a very long time to have their second baby, and God finally answered that prayer. I do have to admit that I am also sad that it wasn't me. I am praying that we can have one of our own soon as well. I still have a lot of weight to get off before that happens though. Plus the other issues that I have going on will make it a challenge to get pregnant and carry the baby safely. There will also have to be daily blood thinning shots thanks to my MTHFR2 disorder. It was a miracle that we had Jake with absolutely no complications. Sometimes I wonder if it is even right for me to ask for another baby since I have one perfectly healthy one and didn't loose my life in the process. We have prayed about adoption and both would love to adopt a baby. I just really pray that I can have one more. It makes me furious that some women(teens) will just keep having babies and not take care of them. I desperately just want to carry one more of our own.

Wow, I bounced around on that one didn't I! Sorry and thanks for sticking with me through it. Pray for us as we continue our journey we have no idea where God is taking us, but He does.

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Corrie said...

I understand the pain and pray that you will get that chance to carry one more.