Wednesday, August 22, 2012

New construction

I finally have pics that I can share!! We have settled in the rent house, finally. Jake has made a few friends in the neighborhood. I love being here in Burleson. It is close enough to Ft.Worth to go and have fun, but it is far enough to still feel like a neat small town. We have everything finalized for the new house and they have already started construction! The date to officially move in is December 14th, but they figure it will be done before then. David Swafford has been amazing to work with. Highly recommend his homes to anyone. Here are some pics of the beginning process! I will keep posting pics as stuff changes.
Needless to say, Jake is enjoying all the dirt. He was a muddy mess after this. This is looking out from where the patio will be. The bottom picture is of me standing where our back door will be looking to the front of the house.
Jake was so excited when we pulled up and there were tons of kids playing. He was really excited when he said he saw a cute girl. Ha! Lord, we are in for a mess when he gets older!

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