Sunday, December 28, 2008

How was your Christmas?

We went down to Shreveport with Peri and her family the weekend before Christmas. I did a little shopping and took some family pictures. Jake had his first chocolate covered apple from The Chocolate Crocodile. Sam was a little upset over lunch though. We went to Joe's Crab Shack and he was so excited about having crab. He ordered a bucket of snow crab legs that the waitress recommended. I swear, you could see his mouth watering with anticipation! The waitress came back out and announced that they were all out of snow crab and would not substitute king for the other price. Sam's poor face was priceless. It looked like a stranger had come and taken candy away from a kid!

We had a wonderful Christmas! I am now looking at our destroyed house as I type but that will wait for another day. Jake was really excited this year. Not that that it is different than any other year. We had a lot of family and friends over. I love to cook and relax with everyone around the table. I will have to post pics as soon as i get them transferred over.


I got my very own embroidery machine! I have tinkered with it here and there, but have been really busy. I plan on doing more of that this week. I cant wait!

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Stacy said...

wow.. how exciting~!!!.....u'll have to let me konw how easy it is to learn.......