Wednesday, March 11, 2009

she did it again!

Oh, I forgot to add that the lady I have had issues with all year did it again today! Well, kinda. There is NOTHING as nasty(seriously it was crap) as what I did Thursday. She came up to me at lunch today as I was setting out my kids trays. She NEVER gets there on time but she did today. She informed me that it was time that we sit down with our boss to discuss some things. She said that there was some tension there and she didnt know why! SERIOUSLY! Do I have to yell it louder next time. Do your job. I looked at her and laughed so hard I nearly wet myself. Needless to say there is some "tension" there.

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The Back Ali said...

Tension? Seriously? Maybe we should have a meeting to discuss why she needs to have a meeting!!!!