Saturday, June 6, 2009

Saturday rambling

We had a good day today! Jake slept until 9:30. I cant remember the last time that he slept that late. We have decided to redo our bathroom. YIKES! I don't think anything major has been done in there since my mom bought the house 20 years ago. Wish us luck.We spent the better part of the morning out looking for things with that. I found a bathroom cabinet that I love. It sits off the floor on pretty claw feet. Sam said he didnt like it because it would trap dirt underneath. I looked at him "and who is the one that cleans the house anyway!"
We met up at Chili's for lunch. I was really disappointed in them today. Our service stunk big time and some things have really changed on the menu. Well, at least on what I ordered! It took us well over an hour and they weren't even busy at all.

On a good note. I got an order in today for an appliqued shirt for a little boys 2nd birthday. I am making the 2 out of cars fabric and putting the checkered flags on back with his initials. I hope it turns out like I am seeing it. I will post pics Monday!
Have a blessed Sunday,

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