Saturday, October 10, 2009

Now the first wait

Yes, I know. Still no pictures of Vegas. Sorry. We did turn in our paper work for domestic adoption and paper work for adoption from South Korea though! Now we are to wait for up to 2 weeks until we hear back from Bethany. Not sure what to expect next.
The main reason we chose South Korea is that we don't necessarily have to travel there. It will save some money in the long run. It was really expensive for 3 people to travel there and leaving Jake home wasn't an option. He would be going to meet his new sibling no matter what. I think that we may have to travel to Los Angles, but that is a lot better than Korea!
I have had one other person tell me that she sees us with a little girl from Korea. I really don't know if this is God trying to beat something into us or not. We will have to wait and see. I just want to hold a healthy child!
Love and hugs,

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