Sunday, April 4, 2010

We're Adopting!!!

It has been a trying year,several years, for us as far as expanding our family. I had so many bad doc reports and health worries that we didn't know what to do. Sam and I wanted more children, but he also wanted me to live.
We were contacted months ago about a little boy who was needing a home. We were very open and prayed about it. I specifically prayed that if this was not meant to be our child that God would show us quickly. I was not going to be able to handle a long drawn out adoption emotionally or financially. God answered our prayers quickly and with out doubt. The door to that possible adoption closed just 5 short days later.I have to admit that there was slight disappointment, but relief as well. I knew that God was hearing us too!
I got a phone call this past Thursday from my very dear friend. She had been in contact with a young woman she has known for many years. She is young and 24 weeks pregnant. She told Peri that she wanted to give the baby to someone that could provide the type of life she couldn't. She had been dealing with the decision for a while and she was looking someone, but didnt know where to start. She loves her baby and doesn't want to just hand it over to someone. She knew that Peri would be able to guide her. Peri also knew we were looking for a baby.
Peri and I talked for a while on Thursday and I spoke to Sam. We decided we wanted to meet with her. We found out we would get to meet her just two short days later! Saturday felt like it drug on forever. My stomach was in knots. I was a wreck! I couldn't figure out what to wear, what should I say. Lord help me I had no idea what to do. We were possibly meeting with the mother that could change our lives for ever.
Time for the meeting came and it was awkward at first. After we finished dinner everything went beautifully! I cant thank Peri enough for helping both the birth mom and me relax and just talk. Sam and I had been praying for some things specifically. Things dealing with the openness of the adoption and others. All the questions, and prayers were answered almost exactly like we had been praying for. We ended the meeting 3 hours later!
I know we still have a ways to go until July gets here. Prayerfully, all will keep on track and we will adopt a baby GIRL! No matter what happens this baby is already loved by two mommas. I also know that I have been incredibly blessed with a special friend. Thanks Peri for all you have done. You are a blessing!

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