Thursday, November 19, 2009

It's late

It's late. I am tired. I have so much going on in my head right now. Sadness hits at the oddest times. Tired of dealing with kids that are so spoiled it is ridiculous. Tired of dealing with people that are so insensitive and have no clue. Did I mention I am tired.

I did go through my closet tonight and have two huge bags of clothes to take to goodwill. I am taking a bunch of other stuff too. Maybe getting rid of some of this will help me. I am ready to feel better. Praying that day will come. Some sort of healing. God is with me and I am aware of that. Thank you God for being there.

I am listening.

I am waiting.

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The Back Ali said...

I love you! I am so proud of you for your accomplishments and what you are gaining (well, loosing!) ....self esteem, pride, health, energy, happiness...etc. Sticking to the treadmill is so major to me because it is one of my downfalls and I know I never would've lasted a week much less what you've done.
Today's a big day and an emotional one as well. I'll be crying so feel free to join in!!!! It will be well disguised as pure joy!!! LOL! I'm glad you talked to me the other day about what your feeling and I am also glad that God gave me the opportunity to have walked in your shoes. I know for a fact that had I not walked in those shoes I wouldn't be able to relate. Loss is loss and pain is pain no matter the other blessings in your life and each can be dealt with individually. I pray for your healing and remember that Joy comes in the morning!!!! I love you!