Saturday, November 7, 2009

The Road Ahead

Well, I will go back to the surgeon on Wednesday. I have been on some really nasty antibiotics 4 times a day. They are freaking horse pills and I dont swallow pills! I have been doing ok with them. Takes me a little bit and then I get it down. Sam has made so much fun of me. Oh well, he screams like a little girl if he sees a frog! Pay back baby.
Dr. Tompkins said that he wants to give the infection a month to try and heal before we talk about surgery. He wasnt aware of my clotting disorder at that appointment so that throws a whole nother kink in the situation of surgery. I am not even sure if I can have it here. So now we just wait on this part.
I have been doing ok with the news of having another baby. I have my days. I have had many wonderful friends that I have cried with and that has helped. We cant move forward with adoption right now because of finances. We have started up a fund for that. It breaks my heart that it cost so much to rescue these helpless babies out of orphanages or even from moms here that want a better future for their babies. Domestic adoption scares me to death thought. I have seen many families have nurseries ready and waiting only to have the baby ripped from them either at the hospital or a while after they come home. I had no idea that some states the mother has up to 1 year to change her mind! You have to be freakin kidding me. ONE WHOLE YEAR.
I am off to work on some curtains for a friend that is having twins in TWO weeks. Sweet baby girls, Gracie Jo and Avaleigh. I cant wait to hold them. I am hoping that it wont be to hard for me. Please keep my friend Peri in your prayers too! She is going to need them.
Love and hugs,

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