Tuesday, May 11, 2010

This is why I REALLY want to cloth diaper

Have you seen the new P@mpers diapers? They have redone their cruiser and swaddler line. Now, this may bring joy to many moms, but many are having trouble. My family included!
We used the Swaddlers and cruisers with our first kiddo and loved them. They were soft and didn't leak at all for us. We couldn't say that about others. I wanted to do cloth with Jake but was a little (a lot) intimidated. He was also in daycare and I figured they wouldn't be to happy about it.I had been reading up on cloth diapering since we are adopting a newborn in July. I figured anything we could do to save money would help since I am now staying home. I know they will be an investment up front, but think it is worth it.
I was at my cousins last week and he kept putting his hands down the back of his diaper and seemed very uncomfortable. I asked her what in the world he was doing and she said he had a bad rash like she had never seen before. She said that she took him to the doc because it had even started to form little blisters. Her doc told her to stop using the new P@mpers because they were causing many (click here to see some of the stuff)for little one. He said to not use them again unless they went back to the previous type!! Little man has been out of the diapers for a while and they started to see results soon after the switch. Man, it really makes you think about all the chemicals we are letting our babies sit in!
I am going to give cloth diapering my best shot this time around. Here is a great site on how to get started! Yes, I know that everyone is entitled to their own opinion and it is their decision to do what they want with their babies behind! I am just saying this is mine for our family!

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