Thursday, June 10, 2010

4 weeks!!

It seems like the doc is wanting to induce the birth mom at 38 weeks! This leaves us with only 4 more weeks until we get to meet our daughter! God knows the plan and how everthing will go. We are excited to be in the home stretch now.
Sam finished painting the room today and we are getting all of the things moved back in. I am making some things as well. I am going to work on a bow holder. I am just going to do and inital one at first. Once we pass the 2 week time period I am going to do a fancier one.
I am amazed when I look in the closet and see baby girl things. I never dreamed this would happen. I love that God takes care of us. All things have happened in His time, not ours. Jake prays for her each night. He has a little calendar that he is marking off the days until her due date. I LOVE it!
Well I am off to work on some more girlie things. Thanks for all of the prayers!

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