Saturday, October 30, 2010

When it rains it pours

So sorry I haven't been regular with the updates on Sam's dad. He is now in a nursing home and we aren't really sure if he will be able to go back home. We are hoping that this nursing home will be able to continue some intensive therapy and get him as close to the old self he was.

Two weeks ago my uncle was tragically killed by a drunk driver. He and his 14 year old daughter were leaving a high school football game and they were both struck while crossing the street to their car. My uncle pushed my cousin out of the way and took the full hit. My cousin had a broken right ankle and chipped bone on the right leg. Her left leg was badly bruised and she will be in a wheel chair for a few more weeks.

We found out yesterday that the man that hit them was drunk. He will be arrested and charged with vehical manslaughter. His 14 yr old step son was in the truck with him so he is looking at charges for that as well. We had suspected from the night it happened that the man was drunk but we were just waiting on the results to come in.

Our comfort in all of this is that my uncle accepted Jesus a little over a year ago.

Our family has had a very rough year. Sometimes I let myself drift and wonder what in the world have I/we done. I do know that God doesnt give us more than we can handle. I also know that in all of this pain we are going through that there will be a bigger blessing in the end. It would be a bigger tragedy to let myself become so consumed with anger that I miss the blessing.

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The Back Ali said...

That's right sister! Don't miss the blessing! Because there is one! I love you and pray for you!