Saturday, September 8, 2012

New soccer team

What a beautiful day! So beyond thankful for the cooler temps. It has been crazy hot here this week. I think it got up to 106 on Wednesday! Anyway, today was the start of the fall soccer season. Jake has played soccer since he was 4 and loves it! This year is very different though. Burleson is much more competitive than Texarkana was. They are even allowed to have goalies. Jake was picked to be a goalie this year! I have to admit that I think that is exactly where he needs to be!
It is so funny because he is always the biggest kid in his age group. Some of the other kids are scared he will run them over. It has only happened a few times! HA!
I am hoping to do some updating on my blog. I am trying to get better at keeping it updated and adding pic since we have moved away from our family :( I am loving Burleson and being in the DFW are though. If you know of people that are good at blog designing let me know! Have a great weekend. Get out and enjoy it! Jess

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