Thursday, October 11, 2012


Well the house is coming along great. I don't have any updated pics because they locked us out! HA! They put the cabinets in last Friday and then locked it up. I guess I should be grateful they protect our money. :) Sam came home Friday! It was a super quick trip though. Kinda made it hard for him to leave again. He has two more weeks in training. Of course, he is training in VEGAS. Um, hello. 6 weeks in VEGAS. He was ready to come home after week 2. We are thinking of switching Jake to a different school. He isn't happy because he wont be able to ride his bike to and from school everyday. I just want to make sure we are comfortable with where he is and in an environment that shares the same beliefs we do. Sorry no pics this post. I promise to be better with blogging and pics later this week. Have a blessed Friday! Jessica

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